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Cute and Fun

Have you tried one of those super cute tiny clementines?  AKA: Cuties.

Especially on a hot day after work out, its the best things that anyone will enjoy!   These are little tangerines about the size of 2-2.5″ or so.  And they are seedless!

Well, its a cute snack for lunch boxes and easy to peel for young children.

My Little Handsome Boy looooves to eat these!  So off they go in his lunch box.

But….. A big hurdle..  packing just like that in plain orange color!!

Oh that’s so not me!  Disaster!!!

After all, everything has to be tweaked a little, isn’t it! Wink 😉

All you need:

-a good Sharpie (these are permanent markers)

-and tons of silly faces.

Here is my version of the Cuties.

Sharpie and cuties = fun faces

I know the pictures aren’t so great:(.  My dear DSLR is out of battery as the charger is resting peacefully in Alaska.  I will post some better pictures soon.

FYI: Please dont leave the Sharpie for too long on the Cuties.

Hope you enjoy these as much as we do!



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