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Flaming Sun Cool Art

This project is a part of my Inspiration Series.

One picture posted on Pinterest by Crystal really caught my eye!  Crystal saw this project on Pinterest and then tried to do it her own way.  Her project inspired me and I found my way of expression.  I hope you take the turn now!

So now you know what I’ve been busy with 🙂  This is such a beautiful and simple project!   It took me probably a couple of days to complete it from start to end.

I took 3 canvasses and decided to make a Triptych.

This triptych will mould to my theme to a summer beach idea.  I chose the colors that depicted the cool California beaches- the blues, the turquoises, the hint of flaming hot sun, and the green trees.

Here is a method to my summer fun.

1. Buy a value pack of the canvases.  Color all the three canvases at the same time.  I chose black acrylic color and mixed it with equal parts of acrylic silver to give a shimmer.


2. Choose your color palette.  Decide your scrapbook pages according to your color scheme.  I wanted the beach colors with a predominance of blue.

I folded the 12 x 12 scrapbook paper in a half and then again in a quarter.  Cut out several sizes of flames/leaves quite snug to each other.  I followed the curves of the previously cut flames/leaves -to not waste paper.  And that’s why I did not use any template.  And that’s why all the shapes and sizes are different.

3.  This was the decision making point of design.  I wanted to make this frame look like flames from sun or leaves bursting out.  So I decided to arrange the flames/leaves bursting from a corner- the smallest flames/leaves closest to the focus of canvas.

4. Then comes the hardest task of gluing the flames/leaves.  Well, its not so hard.  It took me about a couple of hours to finish the gluing process for all three pieces.  Take your time to enjoy this process.  I keep Mod Podge very handy as its a great glue!  I like to use it a lot as it is thicker, unlike the Elmer’s glue.  It also gives a shine to the finished product.  With Modpodge, I can avoid the use of laquer for some projects.

Play around a little:  My Little Handsome Boy thought this looked like a heart.  I thought it looks like a carnival mask.  My mother thought it looks like a peacock.  My dear hubby thought it was NBC  icon ha.haa.. haaa 🙂

5. I was a little indecisive while choosing the focus pieces.  I tried most of trinkets, the blue butterflies, etc and finally came down to the soda can sun flowers.

6.  After trying out which size of sun flowers work and how thin the cuts should be, I made three of the same size.  Its hard to keep the same size and shape.  So try to be consistent right from the beginning.  Then I embellished my sun flowers.  Make sure you embellish it before gluing it on the canvas.

7.  The last step: Using a hot glue gun, fix the Suns to the respective frames.

And here is the final display!  The triptych is ready!

I loved the relaxation it gave me.  I hope you can try this inspirational product.  Share your pictures and your comments.  I certainly love to hear these!




Stunning Paper Cone Wreath

One day in December I was arranging all my henna cones and was getting ready to participate in a local craft festival.

Around the glass plate, I arranged all the black colored cones with their picture on top, all the tips pointing in the center -almost seeming to burst out and expand towards the circumference.  I was quite happy about its simplicity, yet intrigued by its form…

The form showed uniformity…. cohesion…. and created a unified circular creation.

There is something magical about circles.  Since ancient times, circle is regarded as a universal symbol that signifies unity, shows the wholeness of a being.

Many people also think it is a form of female energy source.  It could be true!  Look at the main figures in our families.  Many a times we find most of the members, youngest to the oldest, are bound together by the strange thread of love that pours from the mother figure.  Everybody surrounds her and wants to share with her what happened through the day, what has she missed….

I felt the henna cones bring this exquisite feminine spirit.  So I decided to make it into a something that I can display the energy.

My Handsome Little Boy loved the idea and we both started fiddling around.  We arranged these cones in different forms and shapes and loved it when it appeared like a wreath!

Voila!  There was a class perfectly suitable for the tiny fingers and patient minds.

Lots of old fiction books came in handy to be rolled.

Just keep rolling… Just keep rolling….

Bravo to those little hands to create these stunning wreaths!

There was a lot of hard work that went in the making of this wreath, lot of finger work to keep the cones rolling, lot of focus to make them all look alike, and lastly, a lot of patience to make so many cones in a short time!!!

This wreath couldn’t have been complete without the Christmas decorations.  Our home Sparkled with this stunning creation!



A Big Hello to my ArtastiK Creators!!

Welcome to ArtastiK Creations!!

This is my first page and my first time to be this nervous and happy anxious about a blog in the whole wide world!!!

You will find a lot of arts and craft ideas to do with your children on this blog.   Once in a while I will throw in some blogs that are meant for kids above the age of 25.

I love to draw/paint/craft with unusual mediums, like Henna, Sand, Flour, Threads in the long list.

So here’s my quote of the day:

Inspire and be inspired



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