Stunning Paper Cone Wreath

One day in December I was arranging all my henna cones and was getting ready to participate in a local craft festival.

Around the glass plate, I arranged all the black colored cones with their picture on top, all the tips pointing in the center -almost seeming to burst out and expand towards the circumference.  I was quite happy about its simplicity, yet intrigued by its form…

The form showed uniformity…. cohesion…. and created a unified circular creation.

There is something magical about circles.  Since ancient times, circle is regarded as a universal symbol that signifies unity, shows the wholeness of a being.

Many people also think it is a form of female energy source.  It could be true!  Look at the main figures in our families.  Many a times we find most of the members, youngest to the oldest, are bound together by the strange thread of love that pours from the mother figure.  Everybody surrounds her and wants to share with her what happened through the day, what has she missed….

I felt the henna cones bring this exquisite feminine spirit.  So I decided to make it into a something that I can display the energy.

My Handsome Little Boy loved the idea and we both started fiddling around.  We arranged these cones in different forms and shapes and loved it when it appeared like a wreath!

Voila!  There was a class perfectly suitable for the tiny fingers and patient minds.

Lots of old fiction books came in handy to be rolled.

Just keep rolling… Just keep rolling….

Bravo to those little hands to create these stunning wreaths!

There was a lot of hard work that went in the making of this wreath, lot of finger work to keep the cones rolling, lot of focus to make them all look alike, and lastly, a lot of patience to make so many cones in a short time!!!

This wreath couldn’t have been complete without the Christmas decorations.  Our home Sparkled with this stunning creation!




Valentine Creations

I love the thought of Sharing and Expressing Love. 

This feeling of love can be for anybody, anything – as long as you care deeply…

I thought of making something to contribute to my love of Henna.

Wherever I go, I can see designs floating in the air, in the trees, in the sky, everywhere.

Most of these can be incorporated in Henna or the hand embroidery that my mom is an expert at.


No rules, no limits, its your land.

Here is a small canvas that I poured in my love.

To love and beyond 🙂

Henna on canvas

This simple design with fluttery antennas has been on my scrap pages since 5th grade or so.  It could be before that too.. but I cant recall.

I usually add some small tails at the end of the heart.  I was happy the way it looked here on this 10×10 canvas and stopped right there.

On my larger canvases, I might do the big version.

For the love of Henna

The small sequins are so pretty!!  My mom sends me some beautiful stuff from India.  Some of these trinkets come to the US market, some don’t.

I think it adds a pretty girly vibe to this canvas, adds a lot of value with color and curves.




Love Angry Birds?

Being a ‘mental health therapist’ by profession, I have some issues when it comes to saying Angry Birds.

I know .. I know how it goes.. I am reading way into it.  But, (again another notorious word), its a strong emotion for those cute little things!

On the other hand, I seriously, I love them.

I am glad Angry Birds are in this i-world,”  said my My Little Handsome Boy one day.

Hmm.. My thinking brain started working on high speed.

I decided to make a cute little project for my 5 and 6 year old students.  I thought of starting the class with their fine finger muscles first by involving lots of squishing and mushing of polymer clay.   As they progressed, I thought I will add some fun stuff for the little ones to move their whole body and play using their gross motor skills.

Here is the flyer for my program for 6 weeks.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

And here comes my cherry on the top!

While doing these projects, I especially enjoy discussing my favorite topic:  EMOTIONS!!!

We discuss a lot of nonverbal behaviors:

-how emotions look on the face,

-what wrinkles pressed together make a particular expression appear,

-how to make the expression disappear

-and lastly, what emotion is expressed through all those wrinkles.

Once all the hard work was done by these tiny fingers, I transformed these to cute colorful keychains.

Look at their mighty angry expressions!!

All of these are so unique and alike in themselves!

Love Me, Myself, and My Art

I work with my little 5 and 6 year old students to make wonderful projects on something they love.

My working philosophy is to build their finger muscles (Psst.. you cannot tell them this ok…).   I have found over the years that many children do not like to work with crayons.  “It is such a hard work to do this coloring Mama,” says My Little Handsome Boy.   “It hurts my fingers.”

My Little Handsome Boy has been my biggest inspiration.  I always wanted to solve the puzzle: what happens to boys who have great, vivid imagination and at the same time they are stuck at reflection.   What would you do when you see a child who has bright eyes full of stories and characters floating in front of him/her and when it comes down to a sketch, its not the same.  Oh, no!!!

The more I researched, I read that the gross motor movement* is greatly developed in boys and can take 6 months more to develop the fine motor skill** for that age group.  Sometimes I have seen children in tears over the drawings they create.   It makes them feel awful when they are supposed to feel proud of themselves for trying so hard.

So here I was determined to make a change.  I wanted children to have fun and solve the problem of developing those darn finger muscles.  Now its up to me how to get the job done.

Lets solve this problem ArtAstically!

*You may already know these terms; for those who do not know:

*Gross motor movements involve those bodily actions that involve the large muscles of the body, e.g.: walking, running, playing with ball, jumping, etc.

** Fine motor movements involve eye hand coordination for small fine tuned finger muscles for functions such as writing, sewing, painting, beading, etc.

It takes tremendous practice and patience to have a complete control over both of these movements to become skills.  Imagine a small baby learning to move its head, rolling, flat on tummy, pushing up, crawling, standing, etc.. Think about the attitude to “never give up” instilled in instinct at such a young age!!!

A Big Hello to my ArtastiK Creators!!

Welcome to ArtastiK Creations!!

This is my first page and my first time to be this nervous and happy anxious about a blog in the whole wide world!!!

You will find a lot of arts and craft ideas to do with your children on this blog.   Once in a while I will throw in some blogs that are meant for kids above the age of 25.

I love to draw/paint/craft with unusual mediums, like Henna, Sand, Flour, Threads in the long list.

So here’s my quote of the day:

Inspire and be inspired



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