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Spring is here!

I love all the things that surround spring.

The pink flowers in bloom… with grey cloudy backdrop -I absolutely love this sight!

Clouds make me feel happy!

Many people quizzically look at me when I say that I love rains.

The raindrops have been my favorite since I was in my elementary school.  The hot summer months came to an end with the warm raindrops.  The earth smelled so fragrant that it felt delicious!   Once in a while I remember even being tempted to eat it :)…..ha..haa Now I know that it comes from my vitamin deficiencies.

Nevertheless, monsoon months are so much fun to get drenched!! In this part of the US, mother earth needs to quench her thirst at a completely different time of the year.  It felt quite absurd when it rained in November and again in January and February!

As an Indian born and raised as a warm weather creature, I was used to the cyclic nature of monsoon -June through September.  Rain at other times meant wastage of crop, weird weather, birds not understanding what’s going on.  Even for me it was weird for the first couple of years from India to US to feel this change of weather.  And as days and months went by, as I got acclimated and assimilated, these weather boundaries made no difference to me.

I was still left with my joy for clouds and rain!

During these beautiful months of spring, the flowers are in bloom, shouting out loud that ‘I am alive!’  Little creatures start multiplying!

One day, with my handsome little boy, I was reading an article on Monarch Butterflies and their half year visit to Santa Cruz, California.

This prompted me to work with the theme of Butterflies.  I promptly started on my action plan and made some cute creations.

My little fluttery creatures turned out quite nice.  I loved the simple design of henna and the use of several textures.

My handsome little boy loved the use of metallic buff.

I wonder what you like about it…




Stunning Paper Cone Wreath

One day in December I was arranging all my henna cones and was getting ready to participate in a local craft festival.

Around the glass plate, I arranged all the black colored cones with their picture on top, all the tips pointing in the center -almost seeming to burst out and expand towards the circumference.  I was quite happy about its simplicity, yet intrigued by its form…

The form showed uniformity…. cohesion…. and created a unified circular creation.

There is something magical about circles.  Since ancient times, circle is regarded as a universal symbol that signifies unity, shows the wholeness of a being.

Many people also think it is a form of female energy source.  It could be true!  Look at the main figures in our families.  Many a times we find most of the members, youngest to the oldest, are bound together by the strange thread of love that pours from the mother figure.  Everybody surrounds her and wants to share with her what happened through the day, what has she missed….

I felt the henna cones bring this exquisite feminine spirit.  So I decided to make it into a something that I can display the energy.

My Handsome Little Boy loved the idea and we both started fiddling around.  We arranged these cones in different forms and shapes and loved it when it appeared like a wreath!

Voila!  There was a class perfectly suitable for the tiny fingers and patient minds.

Lots of old fiction books came in handy to be rolled.

Just keep rolling… Just keep rolling….

Bravo to those little hands to create these stunning wreaths!

There was a lot of hard work that went in the making of this wreath, lot of finger work to keep the cones rolling, lot of focus to make them all look alike, and lastly, a lot of patience to make so many cones in a short time!!!

This wreath couldn’t have been complete without the Christmas decorations.  Our home Sparkled with this stunning creation!



Valentine Creations

I love the thought of Sharing and Expressing Love. 

This feeling of love can be for anybody, anything – as long as you care deeply…

I thought of making something to contribute to my love of Henna.

Wherever I go, I can see designs floating in the air, in the trees, in the sky, everywhere.

Most of these can be incorporated in Henna or the hand embroidery that my mom is an expert at.


No rules, no limits, its your land.

Here is a small canvas that I poured in my love.

To love and beyond 🙂

Henna on canvas

This simple design with fluttery antennas has been on my scrap pages since 5th grade or so.  It could be before that too.. but I cant recall.

I usually add some small tails at the end of the heart.  I was happy the way it looked here on this 10×10 canvas and stopped right there.

On my larger canvases, I might do the big version.

For the love of Henna

The small sequins are so pretty!!  My mom sends me some beautiful stuff from India.  Some of these trinkets come to the US market, some don’t.

I think it adds a pretty girly vibe to this canvas, adds a lot of value with color and curves.




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