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Valentine Creations

I love the thought of Sharing and Expressing Love. 

This feeling of love can be for anybody, anything – as long as you care deeply…

I thought of making something to contribute to my love of Henna.

Wherever I go, I can see designs floating in the air, in the trees, in the sky, everywhere.

Most of these can be incorporated in Henna or the hand embroidery that my mom is an expert at.


No rules, no limits, its your land.

Here is a small canvas that I poured in my love.

To love and beyond 🙂

Henna on canvas

This simple design with fluttery antennas has been on my scrap pages since 5th grade or so.  It could be before that too.. but I cant recall.

I usually add some small tails at the end of the heart.  I was happy the way it looked here on this 10×10 canvas and stopped right there.

On my larger canvases, I might do the big version.

For the love of Henna

The small sequins are so pretty!!  My mom sends me some beautiful stuff from India.  Some of these trinkets come to the US market, some don’t.

I think it adds a pretty girly vibe to this canvas, adds a lot of value with color and curves.




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