A very Happy Christmas to all of you!

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Cute and Fun

Have you tried one of those super cute tiny clementines?  AKA: Cuties.

Especially on a hot day after work out, its the best things that anyone will enjoy!   These are little tangerines about the size of 2-2.5″ or so.  And they are seedless!

Well, its a cute snack for lunch boxes and easy to peel for young children.

My Little Handsome Boy looooves to eat these!  So off they go in his lunch box.

But….. A big hurdle..  packing just like that in plain orange color!!

Oh that’s so not me!  Disaster!!!

After all, everything has to be tweaked a little, isn’t it! Wink 😉

All you need:

-a good Sharpie (these are permanent markers)

-and tons of silly faces.

Here is my version of the Cuties.

Sharpie and cuties = fun faces

I know the pictures aren’t so great:(.  My dear DSLR is out of battery as the charger is resting peacefully in Alaska.  I will post some better pictures soon.

FYI: Please dont leave the Sharpie for too long on the Cuties.

Hope you enjoy these as much as we do!



My love for Angry Birds Continues

I simply love the simplicity of Angry Birds.

I love that they are cute and can be transformed to any art project.

So I decided to transfer my old mason jars/pasta sauce jars to these cute Angry Bird candle holders.

Paint the inside of the mason jar with the color of your choice

Cut foam into circles and the other required shapes.

Stick the foam shapes with E-6000 on the glass.

With a floral wire, make a loop around the neck of the jar.

Place some sand in the bottom of the jar and gently put the tea light in the center.  You can also place a few river rocks around the candle for added stability.

These were perfect in our backyard in the summer time.

I will tweak them a little for Halloween 😉



Back from summer activities

Hello world! I am back again with tons of projects in my magic pouch!

Our summer was quite eventful and we got a lot of fun activities done!

Our Alaska trip was just superb and mind blowing!!

Alaska Day Cruise

The fun in learning more about wildlife and being safe around them.. well…

Lets make the most of this lifetime!

(P.S.  No Animals or humans were harmed in this picture.)

Now I am back to reality with those wonderful memories of Alaska and ready to start the fun!

I cannot believe the 1st week of October is already finished!

Did you get a chance to relax and enjoy your summer?

Are you now settled in your routine of schools and classes and work and all the blah….

Do you need a good change for upcoming Halloween, Dasera, Diwali?

Lets get ready to make some fun projects.

Share your pictures and your artwork. It will be fun to get to see our crafty minds at work!!

I will try to post as often as I can with the fun projects and tutorials.



Flaming Sun Cool Art

This project is a part of my Inspiration Series.

One picture posted on Pinterest by Crystal really caught my eye!  Crystal saw this project on Pinterest and then tried to do it her own way.  Her project inspired me and I found my way of expression.  I hope you take the turn now!

So now you know what I’ve been busy with 🙂  This is such a beautiful and simple project!   It took me probably a couple of days to complete it from start to end.

I took 3 canvasses and decided to make a Triptych.

This triptych will mould to my theme to a summer beach idea.  I chose the colors that depicted the cool California beaches- the blues, the turquoises, the hint of flaming hot sun, and the green trees.

Here is a method to my summer fun.

1. Buy a value pack of the canvases.  Color all the three canvases at the same time.  I chose black acrylic color and mixed it with equal parts of acrylic silver to give a shimmer.


2. Choose your color palette.  Decide your scrapbook pages according to your color scheme.  I wanted the beach colors with a predominance of blue.

I folded the 12 x 12 scrapbook paper in a half and then again in a quarter.  Cut out several sizes of flames/leaves quite snug to each other.  I followed the curves of the previously cut flames/leaves -to not waste paper.  And that’s why I did not use any template.  And that’s why all the shapes and sizes are different.

3.  This was the decision making point of design.  I wanted to make this frame look like flames from sun or leaves bursting out.  So I decided to arrange the flames/leaves bursting from a corner- the smallest flames/leaves closest to the focus of canvas.

4. Then comes the hardest task of gluing the flames/leaves.  Well, its not so hard.  It took me about a couple of hours to finish the gluing process for all three pieces.  Take your time to enjoy this process.  I keep Mod Podge very handy as its a great glue!  I like to use it a lot as it is thicker, unlike the Elmer’s glue.  It also gives a shine to the finished product.  With Modpodge, I can avoid the use of laquer for some projects.

Play around a little:  My Little Handsome Boy thought this looked like a heart.  I thought it looks like a carnival mask.  My mother thought it looks like a peacock.  My dear hubby thought it was NBC  icon ha.haa.. haaa 🙂

5. I was a little indecisive while choosing the focus pieces.  I tried most of trinkets, the blue butterflies, etc and finally came down to the soda can sun flowers.

6.  After trying out which size of sun flowers work and how thin the cuts should be, I made three of the same size.  Its hard to keep the same size and shape.  So try to be consistent right from the beginning.  Then I embellished my sun flowers.  Make sure you embellish it before gluing it on the canvas.

7.  The last step: Using a hot glue gun, fix the Suns to the respective frames.

And here is the final display!  The triptych is ready!

I loved the relaxation it gave me.  I hope you can try this inspirational product.  Share your pictures and your comments.  I certainly love to hear these!



Drinking soda is good for Art :) A green tutorial!

This project is a part of my Inspiration Series.

I’ve been thinking of some projects that can be green and can come from recycling everyday products.

For as far as my memory goes, in my mother’s boutique, from the leftover tailoring stash, my mother used to give me some scraps of fabric, beads or left over ribbon ends and we used to make something creative out of it.  My mother and I love to recycle from the smallest part- not much goes to the trash.  Now, I am amazed to find when people cut out fabric or paper from templates and so much goes to waste. I think planning how to fit these cutouts in the smallest piece will save quite a lot!  Its exactly like packaging works: smallest sized box comes out full of  treasures!

On the other hand there are several people who recycle and make wonderful things out of recycled stuff.  For e.g:  Michele Made Me creates wonderful items from all sorts of recycled materials.  I also came across a fantastic artist called Michelle BrandCheck out her creations here. These are fantastic!!!!  I am absolutely thrilled to be inspired by both Micheles!

I decided to make my own art.

I chose Cans- Soda Cans

I am not a big fan of soda.  So obviously, I dont drink as much soda.  However, with my new addiction to create green art, I not only have started collecting different soda cans, but also had fun trying new beverages- Oh you know…just to get the various sizes and colors 🙂 Some drinks are truly fantastic and I wondered why havent I tried these in the past!  And some other drinks- esp the beer cans are huge and tempting, but outright disgusting for my palette.  I asked several friends to save the empty soda cans for me after their parties were done.  Ridiculous isnt it!  But Fun for me 🙂

In any case, after trying this idea, I have been going crazy about the places where I could use my scissors.  Watch out!

I loved making patio lanterns, flower bouquets, Pinwheels, SunBursts etc out of these cans.  I hope to post the pictures soon!

Here is the tutorial that I promised.  This project is not for young children.  I have got many scrapes and cuts from the cans.  Wear heavy duty gloves to protect your hands.

1. Get an empty soda can and scissors.

2. Wash the can thoroughly – leftover drops are quite sticky!

3. Cut off the rim to get the top off- about 1/2 -1″ an inch.

4. Cut again to get a smooth line.

5.  Start cutting the can at an angle from top to bottom.  I stopped cutting at the edge of the bottom rim. I liked it as I thought it will show the center of a flower.

6. Cut parallel lines. Cut as thin as possible.

7. Tada!!!

8. The thinner the cut, the twirly the petal is going to be.

Thin, Thinner Thinnest

9. I used these flowers in several art pieces – Pinwheels, Reaching for Flowers, Sunbursts, etc.

Hope you give it a try and post some pictures!



Spring is here!

I love all the things that surround spring.

The pink flowers in bloom… with grey cloudy backdrop -I absolutely love this sight!

Clouds make me feel happy!

Many people quizzically look at me when I say that I love rains.

The raindrops have been my favorite since I was in my elementary school.  The hot summer months came to an end with the warm raindrops.  The earth smelled so fragrant that it felt delicious!   Once in a while I remember even being tempted to eat it :)…..ha..haa Now I know that it comes from my vitamin deficiencies.

Nevertheless, monsoon months are so much fun to get drenched!! In this part of the US, mother earth needs to quench her thirst at a completely different time of the year.  It felt quite absurd when it rained in November and again in January and February!

As an Indian born and raised as a warm weather creature, I was used to the cyclic nature of monsoon -June through September.  Rain at other times meant wastage of crop, weird weather, birds not understanding what’s going on.  Even for me it was weird for the first couple of years from India to US to feel this change of weather.  And as days and months went by, as I got acclimated and assimilated, these weather boundaries made no difference to me.

I was still left with my joy for clouds and rain!

During these beautiful months of spring, the flowers are in bloom, shouting out loud that ‘I am alive!’  Little creatures start multiplying!

One day, with my handsome little boy, I was reading an article on Monarch Butterflies and their half year visit to Santa Cruz, California.

This prompted me to work with the theme of Butterflies.  I promptly started on my action plan and made some cute creations.

My little fluttery creatures turned out quite nice.  I loved the simple design of henna and the use of several textures.

My handsome little boy loved the use of metallic buff.

I wonder what you like about it…



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